Techno Roasting LV.1

The course is aimed at providing clear standards not only for those who first enter the roasting class but also for all the industry’s roasting experts.
Measure and flavor the changes in the actual roasting process as well as the theoretical content of the expected chemical changes through the roasting process.
1. Understanding the roasting machine
2. Understanding green bean and physics changes
3. Understanding and applying global standards for roasting color
4. An objective approach to the flavor by roasting stages
5. GCS standard roasting process training
6. GCS standard roasting procedure training

Techno Roasting LV.2

1. Global classification criteria on defect bean
2. A Study on the chemical reaction during the roasting
3. Rosting aroma training and coffee flavor classification training
4. GCS standard 4 Types roasting Training
5. Blending design (optional)

Techno Roasting LV.3

Master Course